About the Owner

André is a self-made businessman who works relentlessly to create local tourism opportunities. Inspired by the 52 Wharf property overlooking the L’Orignal marina, he couldn’t ignore its immense potential.

André Chabot

Owner & President of Riverest

This Prescott-Russell native is a serial entrepreneur that started his business career at the young age of 23. He is a graphic design graduate from La Cité college and also studied fine arts at Ottawa University. Founder of Chabo Communications & Design, he grew this creative agency to a reputable business with clients all over Canada. As a marketing and branding specialist, he knows how to make businesses known and thrive.

André owns multiple properties in L’Orignal as well as in Hawkesbury. He has created and developed Chabo Rental Management, a residential and commercial rental space business. Due to his love for architecture, art history and heritage, he invested in several historical properties including 129 Front (Duldraeggan – 1820), 975 King (Riverview – 1830) and 53 Wharf (Riverest – 1833). As an avid boater and Scuba diver, André was always drawn to water. Passions and talents alike are united in the Riverest project.