The chef

Colin Marshall
Executive Chef/Manager

Aiming to provide guests with a unique experience and have them leave feeling inspired by the food, Riverest is proud to introduce professional Chef Colin Marshall as its executive chef and restaurant manager.


An experienced fisherman and avid forager, Colin, a Southwestern Ontario native, has travelled the world exploring an incredible variety of ingredients and cuisines. A true artist, he creates simple yet refined dishes featuring fresh local produce. Guests can expect a menu focused on sustainable ingredients from the local area, highlighting local vegetables and wild foods. Riverest has an incredible team in the kitchen that will be working hard to create everything from scratch. The menu will be updated frequently as the seasons change and food becomes available.


Colin Marshall lead his first brigade as the chef and kitchen manager of Tuck Shop Catering in Montreal, QC. He and his team oversaw some pretty spectacular events ranging from 800-person 5-course galas to private poolside barbecues and oyster bars.

Later on, Colin moved to Paris, France, where he aquired substantial experience, knowledge and skills working alongside some of the biggest names in the French scene.

Finally, prior to Riverest, Colin honed his skills as an executive chef running a brigade of 9 at a luxury fishing club in Haida Gwaii, BC, where he created a high-end 5-star dining experience for guests.


As the Riverest project was taking shape in L’Orignal, Colin’s plans to return to BC for the season were hindered by inter-provincial travel restrictions. In the search for his next opportunity, he came across Riverest’s executif chef/manager ad. Colin felt that tingle of things falling into place. He made the trip to view the stunning 1833 stone home overlooking the marina and the Ottawa River which was to become the restaurant, and the rest is history.

“I’ve been fishing my whole life. I have childhood memories of trying to catch perch, trout or smallmouth bass on Lake Huron in Ontario. Since then, I’ve crossed the Atlantic on a sail boat, trolling and pulling in tuna, mahi-mahi or blue marlin almost daily. I’ve frequently sailed the Caribbean waters equipped with a Hawaiian sling, catching crawfish or grouper, and floating around reefs hand-lining for yellow jacks, or diving for conch off sandy beaches. I’ve also ventured around the west coast of Ireland collecting razor clams, winkles and mussels.”

– Colin Marshall