A historical

As one of the oldest properties in Ontario and one of the last regency-style-architecture building of its kind, Riverest is a hidden gem that is finally open to the public. “Riverest” is the original name of the bicentennial stone house. Built by the Marston’s in 1833, it sits on top of the hill at the end of Wharf street, in the heart of the charming village of L’Orignal, Ontario. This breathtaking 2.3-acres property overlooks the L’Orignal marina, the Ottawa river, La Rouge beach and the Laurentian Mountains.

An ambitious

Riverest aspires to be a major destination for boaters, locals and tourists. Inspired by the 52 Wharf property overlooking the L’Orignal marina, Alexandra Quester and André Chabot (business partners and co-owners of Riverest) could see its immense potential. This unique property offers amazing views and beautiful sunsets, combined with historical charm.

The project was launched at the end of 2019, just before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada and, for a moment, it almost fell through. But the potential was too great to waste this unique opportunity. In order to ensure the restaurant’s success, they searched for the perfect partnering Chef who would embark on this beautiful adventure with them.

Riverest currently consists of the marina and restaurant in addition to offering event services. The future of Riverest includes the addition of water sports equipment rentals, lodging and more.

Two passionate

Alexandra and André met many years ago on a scuba-diving trip.
They now work together as business partners and friends to create local tourism opportunities.


Co-owner & Treasurer of Riverest | Manager of the marina

Alexandra is originally from Vienna (Austria) and now lives at the heart of the village of L’Orignal. A University of Vienna graduate with a M.Sc. in Biology, she worked for many years as a research assistant for a US based, multi-branch company named Shark School, concentrating on Shark behaviour science. Besides the scientific branch, Alexandra and Shark School concentrated on offering a unique experience of free-diving and scuba-diving safely with sharks to tourists from all over the world. This job made Alexandra develop her interest to work in a tourism-driven company.

Having always been enthousiastic about marine and freshwater ecosystems, Riverest combines all of Alexandra’s passions. Besides her studies, she worked many years in the family-owned business in Austria.Her well-rounded business understanding is a great asset in the undertaking of projects like Riverest.


Co-owner & President of Riverest

This Prescott-Russell native is a serial entrepreneur that started his business career at the young age of 23. He is a graphic design graduate from La Cité college and also studied fine arts at Ottawa University. Founder of Chabo Communications & Design, he grew this creative agency to a reputable business with clients all over Canada. As a marketing and branding specialist, he knows how to make businesses known and thrive.

André owns multiple properties in L’Orignal as well as in Hawkesbury. He has created and developed Chabo Rental Management, a residential and commercial rental space business. Due to his love for architecture, art history and heritage, he invested in several historical properties including 129 Front (Duldraeggan – 1820), 975 King (Riverview – 1830) and 53 Wharf (Riverest – 1833). As an avid boater and Scuba diver, André was always drawn to water. Passions and talents alike are united in the Riverest project.

A knowledgeable

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