Thursday to Saturday, from 11 am to 9 pm

Small plates

H.M. Bread & Butter | $5

Local Cheese Board | $20
120g, served with H.M. bread, local organic haskap compote, house pickles and remoulade
Mariposa Duck Wings | $13 / $24
Gibb’s honey & H.M. hot sauce
Fried Organic Cornish Hen Burger (lunch only) | $22
pickles, black pepper aioli, spring slaw; served with choice of salad or fries
Grilled Cheese (lunch only) | $18
three local cheeses on H.M. sourdough; served with choice of salad or fries (vegan cheese available!)
East Coast Oysters | $20 / $38
mignonette, horseradish, lemons & hot sauce
Beet-Cured Artic Char (QC) | $20
pickled chilis & shallots, dehydrated capers, crème fraiche, Mujjol caviar, dill & H.M. chia seed cracker
AAA Beef Tartar (PEI) | $20
3oz, with porcini aioli, rémoulade & sourdough croutons
QC Lobster Toast | $MP
4oz of QC lobster, with tarragon aioli, dill, fennel & bacon on H.M. brioche toast. H.M. hot sauce
Montebello Wild Boar Belly | $20
4oz of wild boar belly, with Green Wave oyster mushrooms (VKH), local radishes, mustard seeds and aged gouda sauce
H.M. Raviolo | $25
stuffed with H.M. herbed ricotta & whole egg yolk; herbed butter sauce with Allegretto cheese (QC)


Green Wave Green Salad | $10
with toasted almonds
Market Salad | $17
seasonal vegetables, toasted almonds & Alfred Le Fermier (organic raw cow’s milk cheese from QC)
Gem & Pistachio Salad | $17
with pistachios, puffed grains, pickled shallots & chilis, mint, dill and pistachio-gem dressing


Cider-Braised Celery Root | $18
toasted hazelnuts, pickled mustard seeds, horseradish cream, dill oil & Green Waves watercress (VKH)
Spring Pesto Gemelli | $28
pesto of sorrel, nettle, radish greens, arugula, basil, Allegretto cheese (QC). Served with Meadowlark asparagus, Mariposa fiddleheads, QC burrata and pine nuts
Mariposa Rabbit Saddle | $38
wrapped in bacon & stuffed with currants, walnuts and mushrooms; served on carrot purée with local rapini, wild mushrooms, salsa verde and cooking jus
Lake Ontario Walleye | $40
7oz, seared and served with sunchoke purée, local turnips, maitake mushrooms, braised leeks, parsley, dill & Grenobloise sauce
AAA Beef Hanger Steak (PEI) | $4/oz
served with salsa verde & choice of salad or fries

MP = Market price



Gluten Free

Can be modified to vegetarian, vegan or gluten free meal